Attorneys to Review Title Work

Attorneys to Review Title Work

Clients may desire to have their title work reviewed by a local attorney. We asked various title officers which attorney they might recommend to have title work reviewed and these are the suggestions we received.

Bell, Gould, Linder and Scott, PC
(970) 493-8999

Coan, Payton and Payne, LLC
(970) 225-6700

Dow Law Firm LLC
(970) 498-9900

Gast Johnson & Muffly, PC
(970) 482-4846

Hasler, Fonfara and Goddard
(970) 493-5070

Otis and Bedingfield, LLC
(970) 663-7300

Wolfe, Van Ackern and Cuypers, LLP
(970) 493-8787

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash