Nomad™ Investing Model

What is the Nomad™ investing model?

The Nomad™ real estate investing model is a strategy of investing in real estate.

Nomads™ acquire rental properties by:

  • Buy a home as an owner-occupant
  • Live there for a year
  • Then buy a new owner-occupant home
  • And convert the previous house to a rental
  • Repeat until you have as many rental properties as you desire

I named the Nomad™ model after a client and friend told me he wanted to sequentially buy homes, live there and ultimately convert them to rentals.

Since then, I’ve taught dozens of classes, written several books on the Nomad™ real estate investing strategy, wrote Real Estate Financial Planning™ software to correctly model it and demonstrated its popularity and effectiveness… especially in the Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley real estate markets.

If you’re interested in a real estate investing strategy that you can implement with little down payment (or in some cases… no down payment) where you can achieve financial independence using real estate in our local real estate market, I encourage you to check it out.