Market Stats

Median Sales Price of All Properties by City

Inventory of Homes for Sale by City

Days on Market

Months of Inventory

Average Percent of Original List Price vs Sold

Most recent data on this zoomed in to just the last year so you can see the most recent trend.

And the same zoom, except showing median (the number that divides it in half… half of the listings were higher than this number and half of the listings were lower than this number).

Median Price per Total Square Foot

Median Number of Showings Before Property Goes Pending

This gives you an idea of how many times a property is shown before it goes from ACTIVE in the MLS to PENDING (under contract).

Number of Showings Per Listing

Typical number of showings a listing might get. Realize that some properties will get more listings and others will get fewer based on the number of buyers where that property’s characteristics meet that buyer’s needs. An obvious example, a 1 bed 1 bath home won’t typically get showings from folks looks for 3 bedrooms; it is likely to only get showings from buyers who would consider a 1 bedroom home.