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Greeley Investment Real Estate

Greeley Investment Real Estate

If you’re interested in Greeley Investment Real Estate… welcome!

We specialize in helping local real estate investors buy, sell and invest in properties in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley and surrounding cities by teaching real estate investing classes and providing checklist/process based real estate brokerage services specifically designed for primarily buy and hold and Nomad™ real estate investors.

Get Your First Deal Done

Watch this special video of a class we taught on how to get your first deal done.

Or, check out dozens of our other free real estate investing classes specifically taught for investors looking for rental properties in Greeley and surrounding cities.

Cash Flow in Greeley

Historically, of the cities in Northern Colorado we typically see better cash flow in Greeley. Exceptions to this rule abound, however. And, may I gently remind you about Weld County (which includes Greeley) led the state of Colorado in foreclosures during the 2008-2009 real estate crisis. Of course, since then the Greeley market recovered remarkably well.

Greeley Investment Property Searches

Use the following specialized property searches to find properties to purchase in our local MLS.

I’ve sorted the list into groups of links by the type of properties you’re looking at.

Distressed Greeley Investment Properties

If you’re interested in looking for properties that need work, that you can buy at a discount and sell for a profit then check out these specialized lists.

Actively for sale properties that meet this criteria are relatively uncommon (especially in our hot market). So, it is not unusual to see no matching properties when you look at the list. You got to keep coming back here and checking the list regularly… daily if not multiple times a day to be successful in finding deals like this. Then, when you do find something that looks interesting you need to contact me and Tammy right away to make an offer.

Fixer Uppers

One way to find “fixer uppers” in Greeley is to search the MLS for properties where the agent has said the property is a “fixer upper” or “needs some fix up” or “needs someone to fix it” or “fix and flip” or something like that.

Use this special search to quickly find Greeley properties that have the word “fix” in the description.

Show Greeley Fixer Uppers Property List


Sellers become motivated for both positive and negative reasons. A seller may get married and no longer need two homes (with two mortgage payments) and be motivated to sell. Or, a seller could be motivated from a job loss. Regardless of the underlying reason, they decide selling—even at a discount—helps them.

To find Greeley properties where the agent has expressed the seller may be motivated, use the link below to search the MLS for the word “motivated”.

Show Greeley Motivated Property List

Greeley Properties Needing TLC

Agents may soften their language about properties that need work by describing them as needing “TLC”. So, here’s a list of Greeley properties that have the phrase “TLC” in their descriptions.

Show Greeley Properties Needing TLC List

Damaged Properties

Accidents happen. Properties catch fire. Destructive hail pelts properties.

Search Greeley properties with hail damage, fire damage, smoke damage, flood damage and other kinds of “damage” with the link below.

Show Greeley Damaged Properties List

Abandoned Greeley Properties

While not common, some sellers abandon properties. If we happen to have any for sale in the MLS, find them using the link searching for “abandon” below.

Show Greeley Abandoned Properties List

In Need of Repairs

Some agents describe properties needing work as needing “repairs”.

Be especially careful of false positives with this one as we may also see people say “X recently repaired” or “Y to be repaired prior to closing”.

Use this search to look for Greeley properties with the word “repair” in the MLS description.

Show Greeley Properties Needing Repairs List

Handyman Specials

Properties described as needing someone “handy” or as a “handyman special” or “bring your handyman” can be found by looking for the search term “handy” in the MLS. I got you boo… here’s the link to search the MLS for these.

Show Greeley Handyman Special Properties List

Greeley Meth Properties

Looking for a meth dealer? That’s not this list. These are properties where the agent is describing them with the term “meth”. These properties likely need to be remediated and that’s an opportunity for the right real estate investor (not my thing personally, but some folks like that sort of thing).

Here’s the list of properties with the phrase “meth” in the description.

Show Greeley Meth Properties List

Greeley Multi-Family Investment Real Estate

Unlike meth properties, this is more my speed. Investors looking for cash flow from rental income. Buying duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes.

Maybe you’re wanting to buy them with 25% down non-owner-occupant investor financing (multi-family usually require slightly higher down payments). Or, maybe you’re looking to use an FHA or VA loan and buy the unit so you can live in one unit (for at least a year). House hacking and Nomading™ are amazing strategies in the Northern Colorado real estate market.

The following are properties described with the word “plex” in the description to try to capture all the multi-family properties available for sale in Greeley.

Greeley “Plex” Property List

Or, try to find a specific type of plex in Greeley with these searches:

Cheap Greely Properties

I could soften my language, but let’s call a “billy goat” a “billy goat”… if you’re looking for “cheap” Greeley properties you can buy as an investment, I got lists for that too.

For these, you’ll still want to run the numbers using a deal analysis spreadsheet. You can download and use the one we teach classes with (shown below) to do this.

The World's Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™

The World’s Greatest Real Estate Deal Analysis Spreadsheet™

I break out the lists by number of bedrooms and sort by price, lowest to highest.

When You’re Ready

When you’re ready to invest in real estate, schedule a time to chat with James to discuss your investing plan and see how James and Tammy can help you buy, sell and invest in real estate in Northern Colorado.